spa at the hub

We are now working with a selection of independent businesses offering a range of beauty, massage and holistic treatments in our spa hut near The Hub. 

Why not book a weekend filled with activities and stay with us too?!  Below are the current spa treatments we have we have to offer:

Samphire Sauna

Come and enjoy a wild sauna experience in our unique spot in a lush green field with beautiful views of the rolling hills down to Bodiam Castle. 

Samphire Sauna is a sustainable, Nordic inspired wood-fired sauna which allows you to relax, reconnect with nature and benefit from the healing properties of heat and cold water therapy – boosting circulation and the immune system in the process! 

There is such joy in gathering a group of friends together and taking time out, chatting and feeling the natural buzz of the endorphins generated by the sauna.

The sauna accommodates up to 5 people at a time, and can be booked in advance for 1 to 2 hour time slots and can be found in the “Wild Spa’ area by the duck pond.

Why not make it a whole wellbeing experience by combining a sauna session with a spa treatment in the Shepherd’s hut and finish with a nice healthy lunch at The Hub café?

Samphire Sauna packages:

Classic sauna package: £60

  • 1 hour private booking for up to 5 people (40 mins sauna time / 20 mins changing time)
  • Use of chill out zone
  • Cold water shower facility

Premium sauna package: £110

  • 2 hour private booking for up to 5 people (1 hr 40 mins sauna time / 20 mins changing time)
  • Use of chill out zone
  • Cold water shower facility
  • Gift of organic body & foot scrub (for use in the sauna)

Accessories to enhance your sauna experience:

  • Birch/ Eucalyptus Whisk –used to tap and brush the body to improve blood circulation and cleanse the skin – £10
  • Sauna Felt Hat – traditionally used to keep the air temperature around the head cooler whilst in the sauna. £15
  • Refreshments (cool drinks & fruit platters) 
  • Body, Foot & Face Scrub – £5 per scrub

Click here for the FAQs.

The Sauna can be booked in 1 to 2 hour time slots by one guest, or up to 4 friends for a private booking. 

We are happy to answer any questions you may have, so please get in touch via email or social media.


instagram: @samphire_sauna

Susan Gedge - Holistic Therapies​

Susan Gedge offers a range of holistic therapies to nurture, calm, and soothe. Using ancient traditions she aims to restore harmony and reset your body’s natural; balance, enhance health and uplift the soul.

– The back, neck and shoulder massage – £30 for 30 minutes. Concentrates on releasing tension and soothing tight, sore muscles often associated with posture.

The half body massage – £45 for 45 minutes. Concentrates on the back, neck and shoulders as well as including a head and foot massage which is ideal to relax and rejuvenate energy levels.

The holistic full body massage – £60 for 60 minutes. Uses a range of movements and strokes to work on the superficial and deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue to aid the healing process as well as promoting relaxation and wellbeing. 

– The aromatherapy massage – £75 for 75 minutes. A full body massage using essential oils which have been blended for your individual requirements. Can be used to treat certain ailments or to boost your mood, relax, revitalise, reinvigorate and restore equilibrium.

– The reflexology treatment – £45 for 50 minutes. Uses ancient pressure point therapy to work on the key pressure points in the feet in order to relax and energise the whole body. There is also the option for this treatment to be given on the hands. 

– The reiki treatment – £40 for 45 minutes. An ancient Japanese, non-invasive healing treatment that renews energy and allows you to fully unwind, all whilst healing the body, soothing the mind, calming emotions and awakening your spirit. This is the perfect way to recharge your batteries. 

All clients will be given a full consultation to ascertain any contraindications prior to any treatments given, which is included in the cost.

Susan will be offering treatments in our Spa Huts every Saturday.

To book, please contact Susan:


phone: 0330 1112292

Reflections Beauty Studio

Ellie has worked in the beauty industry for over 25 years, which included working in a Tonbridge salon for 5 years where she trained in many treatments and techniques on top of her original therapy qualifications. She then went on to work for Virgin Atlantic as an Inflight Beauty Therapist. Ellie has also worked for Shiseido and Clarins as their head therapist before owning her own business since 2002 where she continued to take on new training and skills.

Ellie’s facial treatments include the Tropics skincare range, a company that strives for a healthier, greener and more empowered range. This skincare is completely vegan, cruelty free and they sustainable source their ingredients to create fresh products. They have been independently Ethically Accredited with a score of 100/100 from the good Shopping Guide, and they are also certified carbon negative and landfill-free.

Click here to view the Reflections Beauty Studio treatment menu, and price list. 

Ellie will be offering treatments in our Spa Hut every Monday, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays starting from Tuesdays 1st February 2022. 

Ellie can also offer gift vouchers and you can buy her products. Card and contactless payments are accepted as well as apple pay and cash payments. 

To discuss requirements and prices contact Ellie: 

Tel: 07824 339 138 


Kay Hill - Sports Massage Therapist

Kay has worked in the fitness industry for more than 25 years as a fitness and pilates instructor, as well as working as a sports massage therapist for 24 years. Having worked with sportsmen and women, as well as those with a more sedentary lifestyle, Kay has discovered that most soft tissue issues occur from postural problems and a lack of muscular strength, flexibility and decreased mobility. Sports massage is an extremely effective treatment and Kay has had a 99% success rate to date. General massage is applied followed by neuromuscular technique friction and then stretches that realign and lengthen the affected muscle fibres.

The treatment costs £40 per session and Kay will be in our spa hut every Wednesday.



Quarry Farm, Bodiam, East Sussex, TN32 5RAQuarry Farm, Bodiam, East Sussex, TN32 5RA