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Minimum 20 persons

Price £14.50


Main Course Choose 3 items:

 Lemon and tarragon chicken salad

Butternut squash and Gorgonzola tart

Chicken with avocado buttermilk dressing and crispy bacon

Baked salmon fillet with a herb crust

Mushroom and Gruyere quiche

Tomato, Wensleydale and Poppyseed tart

Raised Pork and Apple pie with Pear chutney

Smoked Chicken and Mango salad

Tuna Nicoise salad

Cold meat platter

Salads/potatoes choose 4 items:

 The Hub’s own apple coleslaw

Watermelon, olive and Feta salad

Roasted vegetable couscous

Mixed green salad with Hub dressing

Baby roast potatoes with creamy herb dressing

Tomato and basil salad

Crunchy Asian noodle salad

Beetroot, parsnip and lentil salad

Hot new potatoes with minted butter

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Choose 1 item per 10 guests

Price £4.25


Baked Lemon and Vanilla Cheesecake

Salted Caramel and Chocolate Roulade

Coffee and Ginger Meringue Cake

Fresh Fruit Pavlova

French Lemon Tart

Fruit Crumble Pie

Orange and Almond Cake with Marmalade Cream

Fresh Fruit Salad