The Hub was established in 2016, to offer a holistic service to the rural community. From the very fabric of the building, we are all about sustainability and upcycling. The Hub was built from nearly entirely upcycled and reclaimed materials. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle is our motto!

The Hub is a Café, functional shop, meeting place and venue designed to meet the needs of a small rural community, as well as guests to the village. We are open every day with some late evenings through the summer for pizza nights and pop-up kitchens!

We are a unique celebration of everything local – the products, the people and the place. Bringing these things together in one place, we aim to offer a great range of products showcasing local Food & Drink, as well as arts, crafts, activities, experiences and even camping equipment that can’t be found anywhere else. Everything you find here (with the exception of maybe Paracetamol and Nappies) has a story to tell.

In bringing all these people together and building network that works in a collaborative way we aim to support and promote other small businesses like our own, as well as supporting  community projects and offering rural employment.

Providing a friendly service and amazing products and experiences in a fun, sustainable environment is incredibly important to us. We have followed in the footsteps of The Original Hut Company when creating The Hub.

Our Core Values

We try to operate with minimal impact to the environment. This is done in a few different ways;

We try to use local products wherever possible including supporting local butchers, cheese makers, wine producers and many more.

We’re mindful of food miles by minimising the number of daily deliveries.

Where possible we try to buy locally sourced, higher welfare meats. We always use British bacon, and where possible local bread and cheese.

Our takeaways are served in biodegradable disposables.

We make conscious decisions about trying to avoid purchasing items with single use plastic.

We support our local businesses by offering opportunities with collaborations with workshops/events/markets!  

Where possible, we use canned drinks over glass bottles as the recycling process for a can is easier.

the conservation Volunteers Trust

In 2019 we worked with the Conservation Volunteers Trust (TCV). The TCV work with local communities to help find resolutions to real-life challenges. Together we worked on one of the most paramount issues in every community; climate change. Working on the ‘ I dig Trees’ programme, in total there were over 12,000 trees planted on the farm.

The Hub at Sunset

local charities

We have worked with various local charities such as the Egg Tooth Project as well as St Michaels Hospice and Rwanda Aid. The Egg Tooth Project is an organisation filled with talented practitioners who have dedicated their lives to helping deprived young people in our local area. We have held St Michaels Hospices’ Summer Fayre for the past 2 years! 

Birchall tea

Since opening in 2016 we have only used Birchall Tea. This isn’t just out of taste – although it is delicious – but also because we care about where our money goes. It would be easy for us to purchase cheaper teabags, but we’re not all about the profit here. We want to make a difference. Birchall Tea ensures their products are sustainably sourced in a manner which respects both the tea but also the tea producers. Further to this they have also implemented an ecosystem programme and spent time planting indigenous trees in the area.


Supporting the local community

The café supports many other local rural producers and
services Northam Dairy, Bodiam Meat and Pie Company, Poppyseed Bakery, Buelt
house bees, 
David Catt and Sons, Carters Eggs, Uckham Farm Nurseries, Chapel Down Wines, Oxney Estate Wines, Mountfield Vineyard,  Taywell Ice Cream, South Downs Water, Ringden Farm, Hastings Gin, Birch Gin, Green Sands Ridge, Rother Valley Brewery, Cellar
Head Brewery,
  Taylored Marketing, The Life Narrator,, Sussex Soap Company, Rock & Ore , Olsen Soy, Design and Made,  Grey Nichols,  to name but a few.  

We work closely with local charities offering space for
events and fund raisers, St Michaels Hospice, St Giles church, Ewhurst and Staplecross
Bonfire society, as well as a meeting space for local groups such as the U3A,
The Horticultural society, and a local friendship group who meet with us every
Monday.  We also work with the Chatty
Café scheme to try to offer a space for isolated people to meet informally and
make new friends.

We’re always keen to hear your ideas and work with other businesses on issues close to our heart. If you would like to chat, just drop us a line using the contact form below!


Email: info@thehubquarryfarm.co.uk | bookings@thehubquarryfarm.co.uk & Phone: 01580 830932​

Quarry Farm, Bodiam, East Sussex, TN32 5RA​